What Makes Us Unique

Our orthodontic office is unique because of the BauerHite Difference. We know that it’s not just about straight teeth…it’s about the experience from start to finish. Our mission is to always do what's in the best interest of the patient and treat each patient as we would treat a member of our own family.

Dr. Beth is a Roth Williams Trained Orthodontist

Dr. Beth is a graduate of the Roth Williams advanced course in orthodontics. Through this training, she learned about teeth in relation to the jaw joint and the impact of that relationship during orthodontic treatment. Dr. Beth focuses on seven goals during orthodontic treatment:

  1. Address the patient's main complaint
  2. Ensure that the jaw joints are healthy
  3. Improve facial balance and esthetics
  4. Maintain healthy teeth and gums
  5. Achieve perfect alignment of teeth
  6. Achieve a functional and correct bite
  7. Achieve a stable bite

She is part of an elite group of orthodontists who have completed the Roth Williams training and is a member of the Roth Williams International Society of Orthodontists.

Custom Treatment Plans

No two people have the same facial structure or teeth and jaw configuration, so we never offer a one-size-fits-all orthodontic solution. We give every patient a thorough evaluation, and take specialized orthodontic records, which include 3D imaging and advanced mounted models of the teeth, to determine the best possible treatment plan.

Our method of making models with dental impressions is more advanced and accurate than traditional methods. We are able to create a treatment plan based on mounted models that replicates each patient's actual jaw alignment. When the braces come off, the teeth are not only beautifully straight, but they are functioning correctly with the jaw.

Proper Facial Development in Children

An improper bite or misalignment can cause your child's jaw to develop asymmetrically.

We time our treatment to start when the 12-year molars are in to take advantage of this rapid growth period. This allows us to guide the growth of your child's jaw for the best orthodontic results. If your child has a facial asymmetry, or other skeletal issues, our specialized treatment will facilitate proper facial development.

Shorter Treatment Time

At BauerHite, we strive to get the most results in the shortest amount of time. For growing children, we time our treatment at the age when it's most effective. When braces are applied too early, they have to be worn longer – up to 5 years longer in some cases. Most of our patients are able to get their braces off within two years.

Advanced 3D Imaging

Our 3D imaging allows us to get the most accurate possible picture of the teeth and jaw. With one 3D image, we can rotate it to view at any angle. This provides very detailed information that traditional panoramic x-rays would not reveal, and allows us to plan the right course of treatment for each patient.

Use of an Articulator

With traditional orthodontics, treatment is based on using dental models, without considering their relationship to the jaw. The orthodontist simply places the upper model on the lower model in the ideal position and designs treatment based on that alignment.

We use a very odd-looking device called an Articulator, which we use to accurately simulate each patient's jaw measurements and angle. By placing your dental models in the Articulator, we can base our treatment plan on your true jaw angle and alignment.

If your jaw is not properly aligned, we can use elastics, extractions, or in the most severe cases surgery, to align the jaw as we straighten your teeth. The end result is a comfortable, natural bite to go along with your beautiful smile.

What makes us unique
Complimentary consultation
Complimentary consultation


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After careful consideration, we have decided to merge both the Granite City and Glen Carbon practices. By combining the two offices we are making a commitment to provide ALL of our patients with the highest technological advancements available for the treatment of orthodontics.