The Value of Treatment

The value of any good orthodontic treatment goes beyond obvious cosmetic benefits, and will also provide oral health benefits to last a life time.

The value of BauerHite Orthodontic treatment is even greater.

Because the Roth Williams treatment method we use addresses and corrects many common functional issues that traditional orthodontia does not, you can rest assured that all functional and esthetic issues have been corrected and you will have a properly functioning bite that will allow a beautiful smile for the rest of your life.

It is far less expensive, less painful, and less time-consuming to fix emerging and existing jaw and bite issues when the teeth are being straightened, than it is to later separately diagnose and treat these issues.

The value of orthodontic treatment
Complimentary consultation
Complimentary consultation


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After careful consideration, we have decided to merge both the Granite City and Glen Carbon practices. By combining the two offices we are making a commitment to provide ALL of our patients with the highest technological advancements available for the treatment of orthodontics.