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We see patients in three locations in this area, and you are free to schedule your appointments wherever it's most convenient to you, even if it's not in the same location each time.

We see patients in Vandalia every other month. Patients schedule appointments in Vandalia by calling our Glen Carbon office.

At BauerHite Orthodontic Specialists, we treat all orthodontic issues, from the most routine to the most complex specialty cases.

Most patients go to an orthodontist because it's obvious they need their teeth straightened. And for some, that is all they need. But 80% of patients who need orthodontics, also have other emerging or existing functional problems with their teeth and jaw.

There is no way for anyone to know if there are underlying issues without a thorough examination. Our standard procedure is to check for any potential functional issues, and address them as part of our orthodontic treatment.

BauerHite Orthodontic Specialists uses only highest quality appliances, including GAC's InOvation bracket in clear and metal. This bracket allows the wire to express itself freely within the bracket without the use of wire or elastic ties. The InOvation bracket is the newest self-ligating technology which allows reduced discomfort, shorter appointments, and shorter treatment time.

Our offices use the I-Cat, which is one of the most modern digital radiographic machines available. This technology allows us to provide the highest quality dental images.

The CBCT scan produces 3-D images that provide a unique view of the teeth, jaws and other facial skeletal features. This allows for a more accurate and specific diagnosis and treatment.

Traditional x-ray images are 2-D, flat views that may have inaccuracies and distortions. This also prevents the anatomy of the face to be seen clearly.

The CBCT prevents such distortions and allows for otherwise hidden information such as impacted teeth, missing teeth, and jaw irregularities to be detected.

Why I-Cat?

  • Keep cost to Patient low - one scan creates different images such as a head film, a panorex and many 3D views.
  • Surgical Predictability - Dentists have complete anatomical information on bone and pathology prior to surgery. I-Cat images allow them to successfully create surgical plans and surgical guides prior to surgery. The results are less trauma and more predictable surgical outcomes.
  • Joint images to evaluate TMJ health.
  • Comprehensive airway views to evaluate tonsils, adenoids and possible prediction for sleep apnea.
  • 3-D views to evaluate root positioning to predict more accurate tooth movement.
  • Fast and Easy - The I-Cat scan is a very comfortable procedure that only takes 20 seconds.
Our dental technology
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Complimentary consultation


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After careful consideration, we have decided to merge both the Granite City and Glen Carbon practices. By combining the two offices we are making a commitment to provide ALL of our patients with the highest technological advancements available for the treatment of orthodontics.